DUHAN BETA Bioerosol Detection System

DUHAN Beta decoupe

The Beta version prototype is designed as a desktop display for the ongoing studies aimed at detecting the presence of bioaerosols in the air, which pose a potential threat to human health.

The device is designed with the following features both on its own screen and through the computer interface to which it is connected:

  • Detection of aerosols in the air,
  • Deciding whether it is biological or not,
  • Extracting the concentration-size distribution,
  • Alarm generation,
  • Sample collection for further examinations,

In this way, the device has the feature of both giving information about the presence of aerosol in the environment and announcing the presence of an aerosol (bioaerosol) with an alarm, which has a vitality feature that exceeds the determined threshold value.

In recent years, the possibility of developing microorganisms that have been genetically modified to increase their disease-causing effects, make detection difficult and directed microorganisms increases the danger of biological weapons as weapons of mass destruction. In this context, a project was initiated at TÜBİTAK BİLGEM in 2022 to develop a Bioaerosol Detection System.

By the end of 2022, the table-top device, which was brought to the final stage as targeted, was developed as a laboratory prototype. With this device, called DUHAN Beta, the goal of continuously controlling the ambient air and generating an alarm when the amount of aerosol in the air exceeds the specified threshold values has been successfully achieved.

The project aims to detect aerosols with a diameter of 0.5-10 microns with an optical-based system. The particles in the ambient air transferred to the system in the developed device through pumps are measured by laser stimulation. When the size and quantity of the threat particles in the air exceed a certain threshold value, the device is alarmed and it is understood whether the detected particles are biological or not (bioaerosol). If they are biological, the threat particles can be concentrated and stored in the filter. The developed DUHAN Beta version device decides the presence/absence of biological material.

The work carried out in the project also creates an infrastructure for devices for SSB's needs in CBRN and other fields. In line with the needs to be determined, the device can be integrated with manned and unmanned vehicles on land, air and sea, as well as customizations for different purposes such as on-site detection, sampling, monitoring of important institutions and public areas, continuous monitoring with artificial intelligence, protection of VIP personnel, online data transfer. can be done.

              Beta Version System Features:

  • Particle size10.3-5 µm
  • Number of channels: 14 (adjustable)
  • Maximum concentration: 24,000 cm-3
  • Laser wavelength: 405nm
  • Detection angle: 90°
  • Example flow rate: 0.25-1 LPM (adjustable)
  • Guide flow rate: 0.25-5 LPM (adjustable)
  • Weight222kg
  • Dimensions233 cm (H) × 48 cm (D) × 43 cm (W)
  • Strength2220 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 90 W

              Customizable/Addable Features

  • Communication: USB / Ethernet / GSM
  • Device control: Display / Graphical interface / Terminal
  • Alarm output: Visual / Logic / Audio
  • Other: Sample spooling, authorization, registration, GPS
  1.  This is the particle size in the beta version. Wider ranges are available upon request.
  2.  Values in beta version, can improve by 50%.



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