Who Are We?

Bioelectronic Systems Laboratory, Turkey's leading research and development center in the field of bioelectronics, takes on a pioneering role with its groundbreaking work at the forefront of science and technology. Bioelectronics, as a discipline at the intersection of electronics and biology, allows the Laboratory to produce innovative solutions and conduct advanced technological research. By harnessing the opportunities offered by this discipline, the Laboratory strives to push the boundaries and achieve cutting-edge technological advancements.

In the Laboratory, an expert team is working under TUBITAK BILGEM UEKAE, bringing together expertise in electronics, optoelectronics, software, physics, chemistry, and mechanical design. These experts are involved in the laboratory's activities and are developing electrochemical and optical-based detection devices and control systems in various fields such as health, fuel inspection, CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear), biotechnology, environmental security, and food safety.

The goal of the Bioelectronic Systems Laboratory is to focus on initiatives aimed at reducing our country's dependency on foreign technology. In line with this objective, the laboratory aims to develop innovative and groundbreaking diagnostic devices and control systems. These efforts encompass a wide range of interdisciplinary experiences, ranging from electronic component design and manufacturing to the development of biological tests.

The Bioelectronic Systems Laboratory is managed by project teams that adhere to project management methodologies and are based on the principles of quality management processes. These teams bring together experts from different disciplines to work effectively and successfully. Additionally, the laboratory has the infrastructure to facilitate the most efficient implementation of the developed projects.

The Bioelectronic Systems Laboratory includes projects that involve portable and on-site detection devices. The mass production of these devices is carried out through competent firms operating in our country. The intended application areas for these devices cover a wide range, including medical diagnostics, food and environmental safety, forensic informatics, CBRN, bioprocess control, agriculture and food industries, and environmental monitoring. Through these efforts, the Bioelectronic Systems Laboratory contributes to the development of pioneering technologies in the field of measurement and analysis, which are widely used both in our country and worldwide.


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