National Marker Controller


With the device developed in the Bioelectronic Systems Department of BİLGEM UEKAE, it is aimed to develop devices that detect tax-paid fuels, to identify chemical marker imitations added to fuels, and to continuously operate the national marker tracking system. With the device, it is aimed to prevent the distribution of fuel obtained through unregistered production and smuggling in the oil market and to increase tax revenues by ensuring maximum control of the fuel market. The device has fully met these expectations and targets throughout the country, thanks to the device, fuel smuggling in the country has been significantly reduced and significant contributions have been made to the national economy with this fuel, which has been included in the tax system.

              Activities Performed

  • New generation marker devices mechanical, electronic and software development studies
  • Production and calibration of Marker XP+ instruments
  • Replacing XP devices in the field with XP+
  • Installation of the central server system
  • Interactive application development studies

              Continuous Activities

  • Routine device calibrations and maintenance-repair activities
  • Auditor trainings
  • Updates to device and central software
  • Monitoring of the central server system, maintenance-repair activities
  • Putting Tamper Switches on Devices
  • Interactive application development studies
  • R&D activities on the algorithm


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