Ambu Bag Based Respirator

The device was developed at TÜBİTAK BİLGEM UEKAE Bioelectronic Systems Department to ensure healthy and regular breathing of patients in need of respiratory support. Values such as air flow, pressure and oxygen ratio can be controlled with the help of sensors on the device.

In certain situations such as COVID-19, infected patients exhibit severe symptoms, including respiratory distress and shortness of breath. Advanced patients showing these symptoms require treatment in intensive care units at hospitals. During such periods, one of the most crucial devices needed in intensive care units is respiratory ventilators. In the case of an epidemic, the rapid increase in the number of patients also means a rapid increase in the demand for respiratory ventilators. In such emergency situations, the need for respiratory ventilators arises not only within hospitals but also in external environments, including mobile patient transport vehicles, to meet the demand for a larger number of ventilators.

In order to meet this demand, discussions are ongoing with companies capable of conducting mass production, sales, and after-sales support activities within the country for a ventilator device that comes with superior features such as battery, touch screen, and data transfer capabilities. The ventilator is designed to be customizable according to customer needs.


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