Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

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Dissolved oxygen sensors and controllers used in wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) in Turkey are purchased from abroad. It is planned to develop a domestic dissolved oxygen sensor and control unit in order to remove this dependency on abroad. In this context, a prototype was produced by developing a dissolved oxygen probe that measures the dissolved oxygen value in wastewater in cooperation with TÜBİTAK BİLGEM and TÜBİTAK MAM. Within the scope of the project, the optical, mechanical, electronic and algorithm design and production of the device were carried out in the Bioelectronic Systems Department.

The number of WWTPs in Turkey is expected to triple by 2023. Many industries such as chemicals, energy, biopharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, food, beverages and fish farms are other markets. Dissolved oxygen is one of the parameters that must be monitored in facilities with an installed capacity of 5,000 m³/day and above according to the communiqué on WWTPs. In this sense, the market will expand with the increase in population and the commissioning of new facilities.

The dissolved oxygen sensor and control unit will be utilized not only in wastewater treatment plants but also for online monitoring of dissolved oxygen in seafood (fish, shrimp, etc.) production farms, lakes, rivers, and streams.

It is aimed to bring the following benefits to our country with the start of production, marketing and sales activities of dissolved oxygen sensors, all of which are currently imported:

  • Having a completely domestic and national production infrastructure of the product,
  • Elimination of import dependency, which is increasing gradually and amounting to approximately 20 million USD annually,
  • Contributing to the national income of the country thanks to the export potential of the product,
  • Contributing to employment by introducing a new investment item to our country,
  • Initiating similar studies in different fields thanks to the knowledge (know-how), experience and human resources in the field of sensor technology,
  • Encouraging the private sector for limited production based on sensor technologies in our country.




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