Company Marker Control Devices and Inspection System


The aim of the project is to enable fuel companies to identify the fuels they sell and improve the quality of their services. In this context, devices and software are being developed in the laboratory using entirely domestic resources to control the company markers specially designed for the gasoline and diesel types distributed by the company. The measurement results obtained from these devices are transferred to a centralized platform, allowing company officials to track and monitor them online.

As part of the project, maintenance, repair, and calibration processes of the Company Marker Measurement Devices produced for a fuel company, as well as the production of new devices upon request, server maintenance, repair, and management, software development, field applications, and R&D studies aimed at improving measurement quality have been carried out.

With the Company Marker Measurement System Project, first of all, in order for the measurement devices produced to operate with high accuracy, all kinds of fuel with different chemical content and matrix structure imported and sold by the company from different countries can always measure the same company marker (marker) value, It is aimed to read the correct value even in seasonal temperature changes and fuel oil additive changes and to ensure that the device operates correctly and properly, to perform device calibrations in 6-month periods, to ensure that the online tracking system is constantly operational, to monitor fuel oil quality with continuous field monitoring, to eliminate possible device malfunctions and to carry out R&D for higher accuracy.

The device was used by OPET company to monitor the fuels used at their stations.


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