DUHAN BETA Prototype Production Completed

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BİLGEM UEKAE Bioelectronic Systems Laboratory carried out a successful study lasting approximately 12 months for the detection of bioaerosols in the air that pose a danger to human health. A prototype called DUHAN BETA which is designed for desktop demonstration, was produced in which the laboratory's work was transformed into a portable concept without any constraints (size, weight, etc.). This device is an optical particle counter with added biological detection feature and has the ability to provide information about the presence of bioaerosols in the environment. It can also announce the presence of aerosol (bioaerosol) exceeding the specified threshold with an alarm.

During the presentations and demonstrations made by public institutions and companies in the CBRN field, the DUHAN BETA device was highly appreciated. This prototype, which is important for the future of our country, was evaluated as a step towards future R&D collaborations and integration efforts. While work is ongoing to integrate the device into various platforms (land, air, sea), it is aimed to take an important step in our foreign dependence on biological threats thanks to domestic and national production.

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